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PS Designs is a full service Interior Design firm that brings a wealth of design knowledge and creative talent to your project, with a strong commitment to excellence.  Our main objective on any project is to discover your unique sense of style and design preferences, and help you express them to the fullest.  We give you the personal service you deserve, and the attention to detail that every project, large or small, requires.  Patti is devoted to sound design, practical project management and client satisfaction.

Patti Smith ~ Owner, PS Designs

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PS Designs

❖ Time & Money Saved by Preventing Costly Decorating Mistakes
❖ Professional Design Services to Fit your Needs
❖ Appointments at Your Convenience
❖ Creative Design Ideas
❖ Superior Quality and Service
❖ Expert Fabrication & Installation
❖ Prompt Delivery
❖ Extensive Sample Library
❖ Design Services for New Home Buyers